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Date: 11th May 2016
Black Pepper Powder
If you are looking for high purity and best selling black pepper powder or you want to import high quality and excellent price black pepper powder,Website:http://www.lsherb.com, Xi'an Le Sen Bio-technology Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Piperine, an alkaloid found in the spikes and oleoresin of the peppercorn plant, is also present in high concentration in the skin of the pepper berries.Piperine is also found in black pepper and similar plants, and, even though piperine obtained from natural sources is about 98% pure, it is, for chemical and medical purposes, laboratory-produced.?Prodcut name: Black Pepper PowderLatin Name: Piper nigrum L. Specification: Pure Powder Appearance: Light yellow powderMesh size: 80 MeshUsed Part: SeedGrade: Food & PharmaceuticalBrand Name: LS-HerbTest Method: TLC?Function:1. Black Pepper Extract piperine is an N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonistic, which contributes to its anti-convulsant property.2. Black Pepper Extract piperine causes decrease in total lipid contents by inhibiting enzymes involved in fat synthesis.3. Black Pepper Extract piperine? is inhibitor of hepatic and intestinal glucuronidation.4. Black Pepper Extract piperine? lowers the serum levels of both the thyroid hormones, thyroxin (T (4)), triiodothyronine (T (3)) and glucose concentrations with a concomitant decrease in hepatic 5'D enzyme and glucose-6-phospatase (G-6-Pase) activity.5. Black Pepper Extract piperine? increases gastric acid secretion.?
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